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Frank Shu
The Shaw Lecture in Astronomy 2009

The Formation of Stars and Planetary Systems

8 Oct, 2009
Frank Shu

Astrophysics of Thorium Molten-salt Breeder Reactors

Indian Academy of Sciences
11 December, 2017
Frank Shu

Bringing Nuclear Power to Mars

SETI Institute
30 July, 2016
Frank Shu

What Physicists Do - The Future of Energy

Sonoma State University
20 April, 2015
Frank Shu

Climate Change and Sustainable Energy

20 March, 2013
Frank Shu
Saturday Morning Physics

Solar, Wind, Biofuels, and Nuclear Energy: How Much? How Soon ? How Expensive? | Part 2

Michigan Channel
5 November, 2011
Frank Shu

Climate Change and Energy Solutions (PDF)

24 January 2011
Frank Shu

Review of Theory

KITP Conference
16 August, 2007
Frank Shu

【週日閱讀科學大師】Big Bang 宇宙大爆炸

30 November, 2003
Background image: M81 Spiral Galaxy (credit: Wai-Hao Wang)